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World War Three Called Off (For Now)

Thursday, December 6, 2007 by Maasanova

by Maasanova

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"All war is based on deception."
Sun Tzu

Almost five days have now gone by since it was announced that Iran had halted their nuclear enrichment program in 2003, and are incapable of of enriching enough uranium for a nuclear bomb for at least 2015. The report by the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) directly contradicts the endless reports of from the mainstream media war cheerleaders at FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS that
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran were developing nuclear weapons to destroy America and Israel.

Now, my personal opinion on this bombshell story is this: I am quite sure that the only reason Iran halted it's nuclear enrichment program is because they were caught by weapons inspectors attempting to enrich uranium for a nuclear weapon to offset the threat of Israel's nuclear stockpile.
I do not believe that Iran presents a direct threat to the United States, at least in the immediate sense, but they do present a direct threat to our greatest liability, Israel.

It has now been reported that Bush knew the results of the NIE report on Iran at least a month ago, but continued the Iran war propaganda by cleverly changing his wording. While it may not surprise most Americans to discover that our president was not completely forthcoming about having prior knowledge about the report, some may wonder why Israel also had prior knowledge of the NIE report; possibly. In fact, this situation now begs many questions, and some very tough questions indeed.

First the obvious: If Iran has no active nuclear program, why have all the mainstream media networks entertained us with reports of Iran's desire to create a nuclear weapon? Why did the news networks continue to allow political talking heads like Norman Podhoretz and John Bolton to facilitate the big lie of Iran's nuclear capability?

So what was the real reason behind all the fear mongering propaganda after Israeli officials and President Bush all knew Iran didn't have an active nuclear program? Israel. The government of Israel and their propagandist mouthpieces within the US by way of the Senate, lawmakers and global thinktanks have influenced the media in such a way that Israels enemies Iraq and Iran, are America's enemies as well. They have built a phony case for yet another disastrous war in the middle east and hoisted it upon the backs of Americans. Plain and simple, Americans no longer have time to mince words, to look the other way and deny discussion of a controversial subject.

So how can Americans ever trust the government or the media again? Surely if we had a truly informed public, a revolution should have broken out by now given the severity of consequences should the Bush Administration and the Israeli government gotten it's way. But as they say, the revolution will not be televised. So how are the American people kept in the dark? Through manufactured news of course.

After the NIE news story broke, it remained the top story all of two days, but was constantly interspersed with breaking news stories of little significance like the Ms. Universe pepper spray conspiracy, and the canoeist who "came back to life". But the Bush Administration really got a lucky break when another teenage shootem' up occurred, which suddenly overshadowed the fact that Bush lied about an Islamic country having WMD(again) and that WWIII could have easily broken out. During this time the White House was able to quietly admit guilt and confirm all retractions with little fanfare.

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