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Eustace Mullins - The World Order

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 by Maasanova

An mp3 download of this interview can be found here.

The World Order is a fascinating interview with historian and author of the "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" Eustace Mullins. After this viewing, the way you view world events, especially historical events, will be seriously challenged.

Eustace Mullins was once labeled “the most dangerous man in America” by war criminal Henry Kissinger. Mullins may be one of the most plagiarized authors in the world and has authored many books that are now hard to find. Although tens of thousand of copies have been printed, mysteriously many of them seem to disappear overnight.

Mullins is one of America's foremost historian/researchers exposing facts over the last 50+ years that everyone in the world should know. However, these facts have been furiously suppressed by Zionists and their Neo-Conservaive agents and the results have been (and will continue to be) devastating for the world.

Mullins has been vilified by the Zionist powers, such as the ADL, for his supposed anti-Semitism, but as you contemplate the hard facts he has compiled, you see something much more important and frightening than some allegation about verbal insults. You see in Mullins' voluminous scholarship a clear and terrifying picture of the forces that control the world, and don't care a whit about real people.

Interviewer Randy Atkins asks Mullins to expound on a variety of subjects such as the criminal conspiracy of the Federal Reserve, the gold stock of Fort Knox, the dangers of world Zionism, and how international bankers manipulate wars and other world events to their advantage.

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