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War criminal Colin Powell jumps on bandwagon; endorses Obama

Monday, October 20, 2008 by Maasanova

Colin Powell, who lied about imaginary yellow cake uranium is responsible for the deaths of millions of Iraqis and thousands of US troops. Powell, who now endorses Sen. Barack Obama, is a war criminal.

Media Monarchy

It's nauseating to watch everyone salivate over who's endorsing the Obamessiah, as if it's some big bold & daring stance. Oooh, way to pick 1 thing over the other in a field of 2! Of course, there's only 2 puppets in the phony left/right paradigm, but there were/are tons of other candidates. Now if Powell & The Post had endorsed Ron Hobbs or Santa Claus, then that would be bold & daring (but it still wouldn't make a goddamn difference).

Sir Powell's lies about Iraq & Obama

From Webster Tarpley: Colin Powell, who five years ago deliberately lied to the UN Security Council about non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, now craves public attention for his endorsement of the totalitarian demagogue Obama. Powell is promising national rebirth under Obama, the evident darling of the ruling financier elite. Does Sir Colin (who was knighted by the Queen of England for his services in killing Arabs) still believe in Saddam’s WMDs? It looks like the same people who brought us the catastrophic Iraq war are determined to install Obama in the White House. Powell is one of the most pompous and monumental failures in American public life.

He has played a leading role in every US policy debacle of the last half-century, including Vietnam, the Iraq-Kuwait war, and now the Iraq war. He also served as a helper to Frank Carlucci in suppressing the White House evidence that would have sent Bush the elder to the federal pen as a result of Iran-contra gun running and drug running twenty years ago.

Powell is known to get his marching orders from an intelligence network that stretches from the CIA to the Pentagon, and which includes such unsavory figures as Richard Armitage (the man who outed Valerie Plame), who is probably still Powell’s best friend. Powell has brought this country many disasters, and he now wants to bring us a truly incalculable one – a seizure of power by the totalitarian trio of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

Listen to a recent interview with author Webster Tarpley & lawyer Phil Berg

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