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Exposed! How the Israeli Defense Force fights terrorists

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 by Maasanova


Here in America, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion as to why the rest of the world was outraged at the Israeli Defense Force's recent incursion into Gaza which resulted in the deaths of 1300 dead Palestinians. We Americans can't understand why the rest of the world can't see that is that Israel is constantly under bombardment from rocket attacks launched by evil terrorists. While the thousands of rockets launched by Hamas rarely kill anyone, many Jews suffer horribly from shock and Iran is currently providing Hamas militants new weapons to wipe Israel off the map. In an effort to expose the horrors that Israelis are forced to endure on a daily basis, I have put together this brief pictorial review of the ongoing struggle of the IDF against Arab terrorists.

Here we see a suicide bombing attempt thwarted by two IDF soldiers at a Gaza checkpoint. Military checkpoints and limiting terrorist mobility are just of the methods used by the IDF that protects terrorists from killing innocent Jews.

Here we see an extremely rare sight: a tense and dangerous face off between an Israeli soldier and an infamous and defiant terrorist. My sources in Gaza informed me that the soldier was able to save hundreds of Jews on that day by preventing a terror attack.

While some terrorists are bold, most terrorists are known to be cowards. When confronted in a face to face encounter on even ground with the brave IDF, they usually react in this manner.

All Americans are aware that terrorists use innocent civilians as humans shields, but some have never seen video or photos of the terrorists caught perpetrating this irreprehensible act. Here we see two terrorists blatantly using a woman as a human shield. This is outrageous! Where is the UN and the rest of the world's condemnation of these war crimes!?!

And where did the IDF learn how to fight these terrorists? Amazingly, they seemed to have ripped a page right from the Nazi playbook!

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