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It's Time To Move Past the False Left-Right Paradigm

Sunday, September 30, 2007 by Maasanova

by Maasonva

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The two party American political system, or the false left-right paradigm, is a fraudulent system meant to give the illusion that at the higher levels of government, Americans have a choice when they go to the voting booths on election day. It is meant to keep citizens divided into two easily controlled groups so that they will never be able to be come together and stand up to their ruling class.

The one thing I can't seem to understand is that while most people are willing to accept that the US political system is corrupt, the corruption always comes from opposing side. To most so-called liberals, all of the problems in America can be traced directly back to George W. Bush and his bungling, incompetent administration. And to most so-called conservatives, President Bill Clinton is the one to blame for all the problems due to his failure to capture Osama Bin Laden prior to the attacks of September 11, 2001, his scandalous sexual indiscretions, and a long trail of dead people under his administration.

I recently came across the shocking fact that forty percent of Americans have never lived when there wasn't a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. And now, if Hillary Clinton were to be elected and re-elected, the nation could go 28 years in a row with the same two families governing the country. So, are the two political camps really opposed to each other, or is there a little game of "pass the baton" going on at the behest of a naive and subservient public that is willing to play along? My guess is the latter.

Case 1: On Bill Clinton's last day in office, he pardoned an a bona fide hard-core criminal named Marc Rich. To some people that have followed the Clinton administration, the name Marc Rich will ring a bell. Marc Rich is an agent of the Mossad (the Israeli counterpart to the CIA) who has too many crimes to list. March Rich was charged on September 19, 1983, by a U.S. Federal Grand Jury on more than fifty counts of wire fraud, racketeering, trading with the enemy and evading more than $48 million in income taxes, however the mainstream me only reported his tax evasion. You can read more about the crimes of Marc Rich in detail by visiting the very excellent blog/forum Anti-Neocons.

Case 2: Now lets fast forward to the current administration of President George W. Bush. I'm sure everyone is familiar with I. "Scooter" Lewis Libbey, whose recent prison sentence was commuted by Bush. So what does Scooter Libbey have to do with all this? Libbey just happened to be one of Marc Rich's lawyers for his numerous trials. Libby arranged for Rich's eleventh hour pardon by outgoing President Bill Clinton in January 2001. The pardon of Rich was urged in a phone call to Clinton by then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, as well as Shimon Peres and Ehud Olmert.

Case 3: Say what you want about September 11, but in my opinion, Hurricane Katrina is America's 21st century crisis. We all know how well Americans can come together after tragedies, but I don't think anyone expected to see George HW. Bush and Bill Clinton to come together and get an act together and go on the road to raise funds for poor, displaced victims of the hurricane.

On September 5, 2005, Clinton and Bush
announced their unlikely partnership to aid in the Hurricane Katrina efforts. While I am told to always be careful to which organizations to give to, I definitely didn't need to do any extensive research on this organization to find out that this whole operation was just another Bush/Clinton corporate payoff on the backs of American taxayers. In fact I was told all I needed to know right from the website's home page:

The Fund will not provide direct assistance to individuals or programs. Rather, it will work primarily through partnerships and collaborations with other organizations in the following categories:

• Intermediary grant makers: Organizations with experience in grant making at the county/parish, state, and regional levels

• Direct service entities: Institutions that operate directly (rather than as intermediary grant makers) at the community, county/parish, state, or regional level (including national nonprofit agencies operating at those levels)

Case 4: Fast forward to to the 2006 elections when the Democrats won on a clear mandate to end the Iraq war and impeach President Bush. Nancy Pelosi says this:

“I have said it before and I will say it again: Impeachment is off the table,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said during a news conference. Pelosi also said Democrats, despite complaining about years of unfair treatment by the majority GOP, “are not about getting even” with Republicans She said the GOP, which frequently excluded Democrats from conference committee hearings and often blocked attempts to introduce amendments, would not suffer similar treatment.

Now that's called "teamwork!"

Case 5: Finally we come full circle with the Bush/Clinton power sharing monarchy. Reports have now come out that not only Bush has been secretly advising Hillary Clinton on maintaining the occupation of Iraq, but that other top conservatives like Newt Gingrich have been hyping Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nominee for the 2008 presidential election as well .

I would like to point out at this point that this is the most telling case to support my theory. Hillary Clinton, a supposed Democrat, is nothing more than a tool for the corporate elite and that is why so many Republicans are supporting her. The presidency is rigged for elite control, and the powers that be have designated Hillary Clinton to be their front man and our leader for at least the next four years.

Hillary Clinton, as you know is a
firm supporter of war in the middle east, both voting for the war in Iraq and supporting a military strike on Iran, even though Iran poses no immediate threat to the United States. Her voting record, aside from a few civil rights and health issues, largely echoes that of a hawkish Republican.

Indeed, when the evidence is presented, and believe me there is much more I intend to cover, there really is no difference between the two parties. And finally, as a nice little wrap up, here's a nice little
video for those that long for the golden days of our good friend President William Jefferson Blythe III.

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Justin Hahn said...

i'm depressed now.
i'm also glad i'm not living in that fascist shit hole.

keep up the good, depressing work.

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