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Puppet Obama pledges to capture or kill Osama "been dead for years" bin Laden

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 by Maasanova

by Maasanova

In his first televised interview since the 2008 Elections, President-elect Obama told 60 Minutes that defeating Al Qaeda once and for all would be a top priority of his upcoming administration.

Ok, we may have heard that rhetoric once or twice before somewhere, but whatever, we already knew that he was going to expand the war in Afghanistan and possible Pakistan. But does Obama really believe that capturing or killing Osama bin Laden should be a critical aspect in stamping out Al Qaeda?

Did President-elect Obama not get the memo that the famed terrorist Osama bin Laden has long since been dead? With Obama's much-heralded, tech-savvy staff that he assembled to build his website, you'd have to assume at least one person would have informed him what most logically thinking people have known for years.

Who could have forgotten the firestorm that was created last year when the late, former Pakistani prime minster Benazir Bhutto offhandedly, inadvertedly informed the world that terrorist Omar Sheikh was the man who murdered Osama bin Laden?

There's really no excuse for not remembering that, but since Obama's tech-savvy team was not assembled until after Benazir Bhutto's now infamous interview, I guess we could assume that he doesn't know how to work YouTube or the internet like his former adversary, John McCain.

Perhaps he just missed that part of the BBC program Frost Over the World because the part where Bhutto said that Osama was murdered was edited out and thrown down the memory whole.

Since our president elect is a learned man, he must have read the New York times article from July 2006 which reported that after ten years of searching, the CIA had closed down the unit that was formed to find and kill the man who allegedly organized the deadly 9/11 attacks. I guess we could assume that he didn't read the paper that day.

But one has to wonder why President-elect Obama is all of the sudden so intent on capturing and killing a man that our current president once flatly admitted that only six months after 9/11, was truly not concerned about him (bin Laden), and that US intelligence has found no evidence that bin Laden is even alive.

If Obama's supporters are still expecting change, they will surely be disappointed because it seems that he is intent on out-buffooning one of the biggest buffoons ever elected in US history.


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