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Geraldo Lies, Comes Close To Slandering 9/11 Truth Activists On Fox and Friends

Thursday, March 20, 2008 by Maasanova

by Maasanova

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To commemorate the sixth anniversary of the black op attack on America, a bunch of 9/11 truth activists hit the streets of NYC to get their message out. One group, led by film maker and radio talk show host Alex Jones, decided to interrupt a live taping of the journalistic phony Geraldo Rivera and his tabloid show, "FOX At Large" with chants of '9/11 was an inside job.'

Clearly frustrated with not being able to to bring his viewers very important news segments about mini-skirts on airplanes and gay bathroom sex, Geraldo called the protesters 'anarchists'. Subsequently the protest was broken up by FOX security staff, and Alex Jones was arrested for using a megaphone.

Well Geraldo got his revenge collectively on the entire 9/11 truth movement when he suggested that they were the ones behind the recent Times Square bombing. Watch the video:

Since the police and the FBI have not been able to determine who was behind the bombing, one has to wonder, who gives Geraldo the authority to charge a non-violent activist group with a potentially violent crime?

Of course Geraldo Rivera is not the only broadcaster who is given a platform to charge innocent people and political activistsof non-existent crimes. Bill O'Reilly regularly let's his audience know who he thinks are conspiring with Al Qaeda and who are enemies of the state. O'Reilly also has a problem with people who don't believe in the government's 9/11 fairy tale account.


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